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cooked to order brunch options
wine service


full service buffet
Kitchen Support Staff


Additional chefs are needed to expedite the production of the menu when you have a large headcount, or if you have an elaborate menu. We ask for an additional chef for headcounts over 100.



Beau Catering has full liquor liability coverage, and skilled bartenders who can make any drink you want for your event. We once did a Manhattan toast for 150, so you can trust us with any type of bar service you need!



Performing tasks such as passing appetizers, food service, and maintaining a clean space, our servers will make sure that your event runs smoothly. Servers will also aid in the set up and break down of your guest tables, chairs, and other non-hanging decorations

Rental Consultation


We work closely with you to make sure we acquire everything we will need to ensure a smooth and successful event. Our seasoned staff offer their knowledge to you through an initial rental recommendation list, help with a layout, a rental consultation, and needed updates to your rentals based on any service or headcount changes.

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