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“The food is outstanding!!! Beau Catering’s staff is very helpful in assisting with your order and helping you decide the proper amount to order. The portions are very generous, and the food is amazing. I’ve ordered many different dishes and have loved them all.”

John P.

“Beau’s family meals are delicious. I’m amazed at how he can prepare all that gourmet food to the point that when I heat it up in my oven it is all perfectly cooked.”

Terry J.

“I really love every single thing about Beau Catering and The Marketplace. Every. Single. Thing! Do yourself a favor and give ‘em a try.”

Eric W.

Drop-off Catering

You love Beau Catering's food and service but may not need full-service catering. Beau to Go offers customizable options from a backyard hangout to a large event that needs some extra help and planning to make you shine. Beau Catering’s done it all and knows how to execute it best with you!

drop off or pick up

Weekday Meal Deliveries

Our pre-cooked meals are delivered to your doorstep, making weekday meal preparation convenient and hassle-free. The meals are freshly prepared and come in disposable containers that only require reheating. Orders can be made online for 2, 4, or 6-person meals. Join our email list for the featured weekly meals and Beau Catering updates.

Beau to Go

You want fresh, simple, crowd-pleasing food, but you don’t want to prep and cook it – yes, please! Beau to Go has two excellent options that offer fresh, simple, and crowd-pleasing food, perfect for those times when you don't want to cook.


Perfect for entertaining guests without having to spend all your time in the kitchen. Beau to Go offers drop-off catering services that are sure to impress your guests. Whether you're hosting a small gathering with eight people, a big event with over 50, or planning a tailgate with friends, Beau to Go has got you covered with its delicious party packages and platters.

If you've ever attended a wedding or event catered by Beau Catering and you loved the food – well, now you can get it all the time! Use our easy-to-use online ordering system to bring The Beau Show home. With a delivery service area covering most of Orange and Durham counties, you can enjoy a fresh, gourmet meal without all the fuss of prepping and cooking – and enjoy more time with your family and friends.


Features a constantly rotating menu to keep things interesting. Whether you're looking for a gourmet dinner for two, feeding a family of four, or entertaining weeknight guests, Beau to Go has got you covered. With its Monday, Wednesday, and Friday meal delivery service, you can enjoy fresh and Beau-licious food without any of the hassles of cooking it yourself – and we’ll deliver it to your home for free.

So why not give Beau to Go a try? With its fresh and delicious food, convenient delivery options, and excellent service, it’s sure to become your new go-to for all your in-house catering needs.

“I love ordering Beau Catering when I'm hosting a party - always delicious, more food than I expect and I get to impress my friends ;-). You're so great to work with - thank you!”
catered picnic

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