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Welcome to the Beau Show

Updated: May 30, 2023

In August of 2020, “pandemic pivots” are no longer big news. After all, restaurants, event planners, retail industry folks, and, yes, catering companies, have been scrambling since March to adjust to the new Covid reality. Still, the Beau Catering brand refresh comes at a time when we’re more excited than ever about our small business and even more committed to the communities we serve. So, yeah—to us, this particular pandemic pivot is kind of a big deal.

To be honest, this brand refresh has been on our radar for quite a while. We wanted a more modern logo that reflected both the warmth and hospitality of our approach as well as the refined elegance that goes into every one of our wedding dishes. Last year, though, we were just too busy working with newlyweds and their families to get the brand refresh off the ground. Little did we know that when we did get started on the brand refresh, we’d also be taking on the branding for Beau Catering’s less formal but very fun little brother, Beau Catering Marketplace, where we take the Beau Show on the road!

In March 2020, when schools (and everything else) closed down in North Carolina for the sake of public safety, the wedding industry came to a screeching halt. Not only did we feel terrible for the happy couples we love working with, we were also left wondering—like so many other folks in the food business—what now? Well, as it turns out, our community showed up in ways that exceeded our wildest expectations. We started preparing family meals for pick-up through Carrboro United shortly after the shutdown, and the response was incredible. In early May, we opened Beau Catering Marketplace so that customers could order right from our website (for pick-up in Hillsborough or local delivery). To say that we’re grateful for the community’s response to this new endeavor would be an understatement. Let’s just say that after five months of at-home cooking, y’all need a break from the kitchen, and we’re so happy to be the people providing that respite! Though the plates we’re dishing out for family meals are just as sumptuous as those we serve at weddings, the feel of Beau Catering Marketplace is more homespun and playful—no suit and tie required! That’s why we’re encouraging all of you to Bring Beau Home, because while Beau is serious about food, he’s also pretty fun to be around.

And here’s even more great news—the wedding wheels are still turning! Newlyweds are celebrating at small, socially-distanced events, and they’re back to planning their special day for future dates. We’re thrilled to be offering curbside tastings to interested couples (and to see our wedding calendar filling up!). Our proposal request form initiates a virtual meeting, and from there, we help you choose a tasting menu ideal for your special event. We wrap up a personalized tasting menu—complete with a copy of Heart of NC Weddings—to be picked up at our Hillsborough location. When you pick up your tasting package, you’ll get your very own Beau Show, as Chef Beau Bennett will be available (masked and at a distance) to answer any questions.

This brand refresh—now complete with Beau Catering Marketplace—would not have been possible without our beautiful friend Charlotte White of White Space Communications. She worked tirelessly to help our rebrand dreams become a reality. Most importantly, she reminded us of the reason we started this business in the first place: to make wedding (and special event) dreams come true for our amazing customers. So today, we also owe a big thank you to all of you— the customers at the heart of our business—for helping us make our dreams come true, too.

Join us in taking The Beau Show on the road!

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The Beau Catering Team

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